This project has moved and is read-only. For the latest updates, please go here.

0.1 release (initial release in mid March 2014)

Bridged Microsoft.Web.Administration API with Jexus server configuration files.

0.5 release (first private beta in early April 2014)

Finished most of Jexus Manager client and can manage local Jexus server.

0.9 release (first public beta in mid April 2014)

Finished Jexus Manager server, and can manage remote Jexus servers.

1.0 release (RC was published in early May 2014, current release, while RTW in mid May 2014)

Jexus Manager 1.1
Feature tuning and bug fixes beyond 0.9.

2.0 release, (RC is expected in early Oct 2014, while RTW in late Oct 2014)

Full MicrosoftWeb.Administration implementation with both IIS and Jexus back ends. Jexus Manager can then manage both IIS and Jexus instances.

2.1 release (RC is expected in early Feb 2015, while RTW in late Feb 2015)

Added diagnostics for both IIS and Jexus.

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